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There is no greater satisfaction to an over-active curiosity about life than traveling... especially in a "foreign" land.
Experiencing other cultures and seeing their solutions to both extraordinary and every-day problems is an invaluable experience.
For an architect with a degree in history, there is no better classroom for understanding the true essence of life and design
than a first hand, three-dimensional, walk through... of a structure... a culture... or the complexity and grandeur of nature itself.

Travel Fanatics Unlimited is the tongue-in-cheek name I adopted many years ago for friends and family members that love to share travel and travel memories.
As the name implies, the members are avid travelers who believe that visiting other places and cultures is one life's greatest adventures.

It is my hope that the Travel Fanatics Unlimited "brand" will come to represent a source for high quality travel and architectural reviews, lectures and presentations...

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**         poor
*           terrible

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