Music has always been a big part of my life... mostly listening to the music of others... all kinds... rock, country, classic...
I always have music playing in the background whatever I'm doing... and I enjoy taking in a live concert whenever possible.

One of my first memories involving music was, when I was very young, my grandmother took me by bus to the United Methodist Church on Wilshire in LA
where I practiced with the huge church choir led by famous organist and conductor, Richard Ellsasser.
It didn't last... mainly because I had no confidence to hit the right notes most of the time... even though I could "hide" in the large choir, I didn't enjoy it.
My family will say my accuracy isn't a lot better today... but now, much to their dismay, I don't let that stop me when I feel the urge.

I remember staying awake in bed, late at night, to listen to one of radio's first contemporary music rating radio shows, the Lucky Strike Hit Parade.

In highschool, I played the trumpet in the school band for a short while.

In college, I enjoyed trying to teach myself to play the guitar and write music but I always had other priorities and lacked commitment to progress beyond the novice level.

Currently, my musical "performing" is mostly limited to enjoying "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band" with friends and family on my XBOX360... and singing in the shower.

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