Over the last forty plus years, I have been called upon, in a variety of situations, to make presentations on various subjects.
Whether it has been working with my business clients and associates, high school students, or being a community advocate as a city councilor, mayor, or citizen,
I have found that presentations are much more effective with the kind of audio and visual reinforcement available through programs such as PowerPoint.

I am currently in the process of developing a series of PowerPoint based lectures designed for cruise ship presentations which will allow me to combine many of the things I love;
architecture, history, photography, and travel.

One series will be designed for use as a Port Lecturer, focusing on specific cruise destinations and encompassing such things as
history, culture, and economics as well as general "things to see" and "how to get around.

Another series will be designed for use as an Enrichment Lecturer and will cover a variety of subjects that might interest cruise travelers
seeking enlightenment on everything from "Designing Your Retirement Dream Home" to "Taking Better Travel Photos."

Below are links to some examples of my presentations...

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