about the website dchamberlinarchitect.com

I began teaching myself to design this website sometime in the 1980s using Microsoft Front Page and their "Frames" concept.
It was first uploaded and hosted on peak.org.
Since that time, it has been constantly updated and expanded on a fairly regular basis.
In April of 2015 and again in 2020, I did a major overhauls of the layout in the hope of creating a better website...
There are currently well over 35,000 files on the site.

The original intent of the website was to be a business reference for my architectural work.
It still functions with this goal in mind... but it has become so much more.
In my mind, it now has three basic functions... financial, psychological, and historical.

The website is "divided" into five basic sections... each cross-linked with the others:

I. The Architecture of d holmes chamberlin jr architect llc.
II. The Photography of d holmes chamberlin jr architect llc.
III. Travel Fanatics Unlimited. Travel and food reviews.
IV. Personal Interests.
V. Lynn's Corner. My wife and partner's space.

unless noted otherwise all images copyright d. holmes chamberlin jr architect llc

The Architecture of d holmes chamberlin jr architect llc

This section contains an updated version of the original website.
It is, and was, designed to provide current and potential clients with a source of information about my work as an architect.
I try to keep it up to date with current projects while, at the same time, expanding the coverage on completed projects.
I find this tool invaluable when in the field I want to illustrate a point to a client.
Here, I have immediate access to both visual and factual references from previous projects.

The Photography of d holmes chamberlin jr architect llc

This section is designed for multiple functions.
Graphics of all kinds are an important part of my life and I consider my photography an extension of myself, my architecture, my personality, and my artistry.
As I expand my business endeavors into lecture and presentation opportunities, photography will take on a major role.
Here, potential clients can have immediate and comprehensive access to much of my photographic work.

Travel Fanatics Unlimited

This section also has multiple functions.
Travel is a major passion, and here, under the business logo Travel Fanatics Unlimited, I have compiled an overview of my world travels.
As I expand my business endeavors into cruise ship travel and architectural lecturing, this reference will be invaluable.
I am continually updating and adding to the photographic content and am continually seeking time to add more and more to the commentary within the context of a travel lecturer and reviewer.
I have also contributed numerous travel and dining reviews to various websites such as Trip Advisor where I have a growing number of reviews and readers.

Personal Interests

This section is almost purely the "vanity" portion of the website.
Here, I can share the passions that drive my life... and, with the addition of Lynn's Corner, the passions that drive my wife, Lynn
It is here for any potential client who wants to know a little more about me than just my architecture.
It is here also for anyone who shares an interest.
However, most important, I have made a point to my children that I want them to keep a copy of the website as a historical record.
I want my grandchildren, and their children, to be able to have a first-hand acount of a part of their history... at least as seen through my eyes.
In some ways, this is the most important function of the website.

Lynn's Corner

Recently added, this section is dedicated to my wife, Lynn's, interests.
This section is new and growing...

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