architecture wed enterprises
Walt Disney, Architectural Department
Glendale, California - April 1972 - December 1973


Leaving college in 1971, work in the architectural field in San Luis Obispo was hard to find.
After a few months trying to find business for my own one-man office,
I returned to the San Fernando Valley, where I had grown up, and took a position with
WED Enterprises, Walt Disney's architectural division, later to become Walt Disney Imagineering,
where I worked for twenty-one months on on-going projects for Disneyland and
the final stages of projects for the opening of Walt Disney World, Florida.

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golf course housing    golf course housing    lake buena vista village    lake buena vista village   

tomorrowland amphitheater    tomorrowland amphitheater    alpine gardens theater restaurant    alpine gardens theater restaurant     tomorrowland terrace    tomorrowland terrace   

tom sawyer's raft landing    tom sawyer's raft landing          west gate   

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