architecture the ralph m parsons company
Pasadena, California - 1975-82


"In 1975, I joined the architectural department of The Ralph M Parsons Company,
one of the three dominant, world-wide, engineering and construction firms in America.

Here, I gained valuable experience in large scale design and master planning
along with learning to communicate and work with a wide variety of people."

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king abduhlaziz international airport  abduhlaziz airport     sonatrach industrial community  sonatrach industrial community     stapleton international airport addition  stapleton terminal expansion    

ralph m parson world headquarters  rmp headquarters     ingersoll-rand residential community  ingersoll-rand community     twtf - neuclear waste treatment plant  twft waste treatment    

northwest pipeline community and gas plant  northwest pipeline     continental port  continental port     isiran - imperial iranian air force and navy computer centers  isiran    

bouira factory community  bouira community     isiran - imperial iranian navy yachat club  isiran yacht club     rmp onsite construction offices   rmp site offices    

nasa propellant tank cleaning facility  nasa tank facility     faa control center complex  faa control center     modular industrial housing  modular housing    

marun and ahwaz camps  marun & ahwaz camps     project list  project list    

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