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congress of governments offices
toledo, oregon - 1998-2001

To design and oversee the construction of an economical 10,000 sq.ft. three-level regional office structure
for COG (Congress of Governments), a growing quasi-governmental agency, as part of a major Toledo City renewal plan.
The official client was the City of Toledo, but the ultimate owner would be the Congress of Governments.
This project required coordinating all details of the project with multiple levels of governmental administration
as well as taking public input before the final design was approved.

A small difficult hillside lot on Toledo's main street across from the City Hall.

The City of Toledo, in conjunction with:
Congress of Governments
Senior Services - Disabled Services
Salem, Oregon

Quade Commercial Construction Corporation, Contractors
Lincoln City, Oregon

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The Study Model
In the Preliminary Design Phase, this 1/8" scale study model revealed the subtlities of the design to the client in three dimensions.
The final design called for turning the building 90 degrees on the site and enclosing the lower level to create more interior space.
The original concrete civic "amphitheater/park" on the north of the building was replaced with a cedar observation deck.

The Plan
The street level features a Reception area, General Office, Interview Offices, Restrooms,
Employee Break room, and three combinable Meeting rooms.

The upper level contains two distinct office pools separated by restrooms, elevator, and repro room.

The lower level houses an entry from the parking lot, Over-flow office space, Storage, and buildling
Utility rooms.

Final street level floor plan, COG Offices, Toledo, Oregon.

Front elevation, COG Offices, Toledo, Oregon, 2014.

Public deck area adjacent to COG Offices, Toledo, Oregon, 2001.

Drawing of one of the alternate concepts, COG Offices, Toledo, Oregon.

Foundation construction, COG Offices, Toledo, Oregon, 2001.
Because of old foundation elements from an old theater on this site,
great care had to be taken when excavating and putting in new foundations.

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