architecture commercial premier plaza I
Lincoln City, Oregon - 1995


As Phase I of the Premeir Plaza Complex, to design and build a 10,000 sq.ft. commercial retail space with open interior spaces suitable for
adapting to different leasees, each with easy auto and foot access.
To convince the Owner that a centralized building concept was more desireable than the proposed strip mall.
This centralized concept provided for a more pleasing architectural statement which ultimately worked well for the Samaritan Coastal Clinic's occupancy.
Major challenges were to coordinate with city, county and state officials to meet strict development codes relating to access and parking.

A fairly large, split level, city site located between highway 101 and Inlet Avenue, a residential street above and to the west.

Jim & Carol Ruggeri
Newport, Oregon

Owner acting as General Contractor

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The Premier Plaza Complex
Early plans called for four phases of work on and around the old Premier meat market site.

Premier Plaza I (yellow) Designed retail space on hiway 101 occupied by the Lincoln City Samaritan Clinic.
Premier Plaza II (blue) Designed to house retail space on the hiway 101 level and two-level residential condo/apartment units above on Inlet Avenue.
Premier Plaza III (green) Designated for a residential unit off Inlet Avenue. Plans for this phase were never developed.
Premeir Plaza IV (red) Designed for more up-scale commercial retail units facing hiway 101.

Premier Plaza Study Model
This 1/8"=1'0" scale study by the architect allowed the client and prospective leasees to visualize the finished project.

Premier Plaza I Plan
Each business has sheltered exterior access from adjacent parking and a "rear" access for employees through a central utility core.

The owners initial plan for a "strip mall" type approach was converted to this central mall plan by the architect for a more attractive, signiture
commercial structure which replaced the historic Premier Market.

Portion of the north elevation, Premier Plaza I, Lincoln City, Oregon, 1996.

Premier Plaza I Construction
For framing, a fast-track framing sub was brought in utilizing a large team of carpenters and an overhead crane to set the trusses.
The entire building was framed in less than one week.

Trusses are placed during this phase of construction, Premier Plaza I, Lincoln City, Oregon, 1996.

Roofing goes on after framing, Premier Plaza I, Lincoln City, Oregon, 1996.

The first tennant, a new video store, works on his interior spaces, Premier Plaza I, Lincoln City, Oregon, 1996.

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