architecture residential riess residence
Yachats, Oregon - 2004

To design and build a 3000 sq.ft., three level,
contemporary home with spectacular ocean frontage.
To provide a comfortable, yet dynamic, interior
suitable for a business couple with grown children
who enjoy hosting and entertaining both business
clients and family.

This virtually level triangular ocean front site
has spectacular views of the rocky coastline and
is back-dropped by the wooded coastal range.
Design requirements dictated that every usable inch
of buildable space be utilized on the a site restricted
by CC&R setbacks, a thirty foot height limit, an
existing grandfathered beach cottage, and flood
plane restrictions.

Paul & Stephanie Riess
Eugene, Oregon

Gary Wiebe, Wiebe Construction
Waldport, Oregon

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The Design Concept
A "contemporary" theme using strong bold geometric shapes features smooth straight and angled planes that are further contrasted by
the use of curvilinear surfaces designed to draw your attention to entries and other special architectural features.
Due to the nature of the coastal rains and wind in this area and their effect on the maintenance of exposed surfaces and material interfaces,
detail elements are kept to a minimum on the exterior. Ocean views are the main priority.


The Study Model
In the Preliminary Design Phase, the 1/8" scale study model reveals
the subtlities of the design to the client in three dimensions.

The Plan
The first level contains the Garage, Entry, Greatroom, Dining, Kitchen, Office/Guestroom, Powder room, and Mudroom/Laundry.
The second level has the Family room, two bedrooms, and a split bath. The third level has the Master Suite including Wardrobe and Bath.

Southeast exterior, Riess Residence, Yachats, Oregon, 2004.
This angle shows the dramatic pitch of the roof that is designed to
reflect the contour of the coastal range to the east.

North exterior, Riess Residence, Yachats, Oregon, 2004.
The entrance is on this weather-protected side of the home.
Here also, the windows are limited in size for privacy from neighbors.

Looking down at Greatroom from the third level, Riess Residence, Yachats, Oregon, 2004.
Open to all three levels, with exposed glulam beams and sloping ceilings, the Greatroom provides dynamic views of the ocean to the south (left).
The open railing of the second level reflects the accessability of the Family Room and secondary bedrooms.
The solid railing of the third level relects the privacy of the Master Suite and serves as a visual tie for connection to the curvilinear staircase.

The Greatroom, looking toward the Kitchen and Dining to the west, Riess Residence, Yachats, Oregon, 2004.

The Diningroom and Kitchen, Riess Residence, Yachats, Oregon, 2004.
Natural oak cabinets and hardwood flooring are accented with contrasting light solid surface
countertops and indirect, under-cabinet lighting.
The use of a series of small square windows to add interest to the front facade and define the stairwell on the rear elevation
are reflected in the design of the lighted art niches in the dining area.

The Kitchen, Riess Residence, Yachats, Oregon, 2004.
A long narrow window between the counter and cabinets lets in natural light.

The Staircase, Riess Residence, Yachats, Oregon, 2004.
Situated at the rear of the house where it is easily accessible from the entry and does not interfere with views, the staircase,
provides a strong vertical element to the interior which is carried through to the exterior as architectural relief
for the long straight slope of the roof which reflects the hillside behind.

The Master Suite, Riess Residence, Yachats, Oregon, 2004.
Situated on the third level, the Master Suite features a large walk-in wardrobe, a master bath, and spectacular views
of the coastline that are designed to provide site lines out, but not in, from the public road and bluff outside.
Tucked under the lowest portion of the sloping vaulted ceiling is a soaking tub with its own "private" view of the ocean.

The Master Bath, Riess Residence, Yachats, Oregon, 2004.
Situated behind the master bedroom, the master bath features a large shower and double lavs.
It also features a full wall of mirrors behind the lavs, half of which is on a track which allows it to slide to one side
revealing a round opening into the bedroom and providing views of the ocean beyond from both the lav and the shower.

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