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At the time my boys were just becoming cub scout age, the current Cub Master wanted to retire to an advisory position.
I agreed to take on the position of Cub Master to keep cub scouting active in the area.
Some very talented and dedicated parents stepped forward for positions of leadership as advisors and Den Leaders.
Through recruiting and word of mouth, Pack 53 grew from one den of five or six cubs to six dens with over 30 active cub scouts.

Pack Leaders of the Year, Victor Bayley (1988) and Laura Walters (1989) recognized for their great work.
("South Lincoln News" and "Newport News Times")

The Pinewood Derby was a big annual competition where cubs built and raced miniature cars cut from pine. ("South Lincoln News," February 4, 1987.

(left) Graphic art for camp logo and t-shirts. (graphics by d holmes chamberlin jr)
(right) Regional Camp Sasquatch - cubs learn camping, fishing, archery... ("News Times," Wednesday, July 19, 1989).

Annual Pack 53 campout was a good time for the whole family.
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(left) Historical skits add to knowledge and Pack meetings.
(right) Halloween Haunted House event.
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Annual Blue and Gold Dinner (South Lincoln News, April 1, 1987).
(graphics by d holmes chamberlin jr)

Pack 53 members volunteered for beach clean-up.
(Top L to R) Dave Chamberlin, Jill Tierce Bappe, Lynn Chamberlin, Mark Walters, Dave Blakely.
(Bottom L to R) Dakota, Tyler Bappe, Sara Bappe, Justin Walters, Ryan Chamberlin, Bobby Adams, Michael Blakely, Luke Walters, Wyatt Chamberlin.

In 1989, Pack 53 helds its annual Christmas Party at Sa-Da-Mun Apartments so the older members of the community could be involved.

In 1987, the Pack 53 leaders designed a treasure hunt to take place at beautiful and rugged Haceta Head.
The leaders used natural features of the land and vegetation to create stories about the "magical" powers of Deadeye,
a pirate who was said to have sought refuge at Haceta Head back around 1887.
The cubs had to use skills they learned through scouting, mapping, compass building, and physical and mental challenges
to solve clues they found along the way.
The all-day event included "invisible ink" clues, and an incident with Big Foot and the ghost of Deadeye himself before cubs finally
found the treasure chest by deciphering various clues and puzzles.
In 1988, leaders staged the "Return of Deadeye" with new tales, clues, and puzzels.

(left) Clipping from "South Lincoln County Courier", August 26, 1987.
(right) Deadeye's treasure map.
(graphics by d holmes chamberlin jr).

Deadeye's treasure chest containing coins, miniature cannons, jewelry, maps...,

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