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Inspired by my high school son's service to the Yachats Volunteer Fire Department as one of the two youngest EMTs in the state of Oregon,
I joined the department in 1996 and, through training classes, earned the rank of Lieutenant with training in incident command, emergency vehicle
driving, pumper engineering, manning hoses, water rescue, and patient extrication with the "jaws of life."
My wife, Lynn, is also a volunteer and serves as an on-scene Safety Officer.


Learn to burn, extraction, and water rescue, YRFPD, Yachats, Oregon.

Annual 4th of July Yachats Rural Fire Protection District's Community Bar-b-que, Yachats, Oregon, 2005.
Although Lynn and I are not as active on emergency calls as we used to be,
each year we continue to organize and run the Annual Bar-b-que which serves over 400 meals to the community
after the infamous "La-De-Da Parade."

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