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I bought this Triumph for $1 from my eventually-to-be father-in-law who had been keeping it in a garage for years for future rehab.
He no longer had the desire or energy to rebuild it, so he let me have a go at it.
Not having the money, I tried fixing it up with a lot of elbow grease.
I remember it had a hole rotted through the passenger side floor where you could watch the highway go by below... I patched it with sheet metal.
I also remember that it had very poor brakes that I couldn't afford to replace... this was the ultimate reason I got rid of it.

Although I only owned it for a short time while at Cal Poly, I remember having good times driving back and forth to school from my apartment in Avila Beach.
It looked more exciting than it was.
It was totally unlike any car I ever picked out for myself... too "brittle," light, and flimsy... I tend to like solid, strong, cars.
I remember how very ironic it was when a psychology student at Cal Poly wanted to include a picture of me and the TR3 in his report on how people's personalities are reflected in the cars they drive.

Owned: 1969-1970?

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My mother and I at Lake Lopez near Cal Poly, California, 1970.
Altough I must have others, this is the only photo I can find of this car.

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