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I found I shared an interest in puzzle solving and games with some of my volleyball buddies.
We used to sneak downtown LA at midnight to play the original beta version of Zork on the main frame computer of a major bank.
One of my friends worked there and the game had been placed on the computer to help employees learn to interact with the new computer.
If we had done this now days, I'm sure we would have been shot, but those were more innocent times.

Later we began playing Dungeons and Dragons one night a week... I really enjoyed the late night challenges and the camaraderie.
After I moved to Oregon, I lost these good times.

Fairly recently, Lynn and I made a trip to southern California and we renewed old acquaintances.
We todays technology, we found I can renew my weekly quests with the old group.
Using Google Hangouts, we can hear and see each other in real time.
Using a gaming program called Klooge, I can see the map and access the character sheets also in real time.
I find I really look forward to game night.

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My reunion with the old group, George, Ron, Scott (new guy), Northridge, California, 2014.

Me watching the map with Ken, dungeon master, Northridge, California, 2014.

The old group, Ron Morris, George Thompson, me, and Ken Rahn, Northridge, California, 2014.
Rose Rahn and Lynn helped celebrate the reunion.

Using my office computer set-up for D & D online... California to Michigan to Yachats, Oregon, 2015.

White Shadow, Ranger - Cleric, is one of my current characters on Dungeons and Dragons, 2019.
(image adapted from internet art)

I found some sketches I had made for an old character we are going to resurrect.

Sketches of White Shadow's clothes and backpack, Dungeons and Dragons, 2003.

Sketches of White Shadow's hand-made staff and miscellaneous gear, Dungeons and Dragons, 2003.

Anij, Battle Sorcerer , is the other of my current characters on Dungeons and Dragons, 2019.
(image adapted from internet art)

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