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In 1999, some old friends and team mates from California invited me to join their volleyball team at the Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George, Utah.
This competition started out as Senior Olympics, but, for copyright reasons, soon changed it name to the Huntsman World Senior Games.
Lynn and I found we really enjoyed being with the 5,000 plus seniors in 1999, 11,000+ in 2018, that travel to these games from all over the country and,
over the last 32 years, 81 nations from around the world.
The games take place in early October, a great time of the year for Utah's "Dixie" with most temperatures around a pleasant 80 degrees.
We returned to compete in one sport or another for the next five years and then again in 2018.

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volleyball 1999

1999 "AVP Sideout" Team - Men 50+ - Gold Medal:
(LtoR) Bob Dorn, Jim Richmond, Ken Rahn, Ron Morris, Steve Ross, George Thompson, Karl Weingartner, Rose Rahn, Dave Chamberlin.
We won gold medals for both our age bracket and for overall play.

The local newspaper, the Newport News Times, November 19, 1999.

volleyball 2000

2000 "Hobbits" Team - Men 50+ - Silver Medal:
(Top LtoR) Kurt Weingartner, Harold Reiser, Jim Richmond, Ron Morris, George Thompson,
(bottom LtoR) Ken Rahn, Dave Chamberlin, Mike Henry.

volleyball 2001

2001 "Hobbits" Team - Men 50-55 - Gold Medal:
(Top LtoR) Jim Richmond, Harold Reiser, Jorn Oulie, Rick Spaulding, Ron Morris,
(bottom LtoR) Dave Chamberlin, Rose Rahn, Ken Rahn, Mike Henry.

volleyball 2002

2002 "Hobbits" Team - men 50-55 - Did not place
(top L to R) Rick Spalding, Harold Reiser, Gary Garner, Ron Morris, Jim Richmond.
(bot L to R) Dave Chamberlin, Bjorn Oulie, Ken Rahn, Rose Rahn.

volleyball 2004

2004 "Hobbits" Team - Men 50-55 - Gold Medal:
(top LtoR) Dave Chamberlin, Ron Morris, Gerry Elliott, Rose Rahn, Steve Seim,
(bottom LtoR) Rick Tiernay, Ken Rahn, Harold Reiser, Jim Richmond.

Setting the ball, "Hobbits" team, Huntsman World Senior Games, 2004.

In 2004, I suffered a dislocation and damaged rotor cup with my hitting shoulder.
I finished the tournament, but then took a haiatus from volleyball and concentrated on "underhand" sports for the next 16 years.
However, in 2018, while at the World Senior Games for bowling, I once again had the opportunity to play volleyball with some of the old team and some new friends.
This time, I didn't try to spike, but concentrated on defense playing libero.

volleyball 2018

2018 "Rustys" Team - Men 70s - Silver Medal:
(L to R) Lee Weinmann, Jack DuMee, Ken Rahn, Jerome Weydert, Rose Rahn, Hank Kappert, Harold Reiser, Dick Webster, Dave Chamberlin, Otis Mitchell.
When I only qualified for one bowling finals the first week, I had extra time and these great guys let me join the team.
Unlike the previous years, I played only a few points. I still had a great time warming up and hanging out with the team.
Hopefully, it has inspired me to find some local volleyball that can get me back into tournament shape as a libero or setter.
I had a great time, got inspired, and made some new fiends...

Passing the ball, "Rustys," Huntsman World Senior Games, St. George, Utah, USA, 2018.
Although I got a silver medal with this team, I was basically a sub on the bench in case someone got hurt.


Competing at horseshoes in individual and doubles, 2004.
Unlike volleyball, horseshoes is handicapped into age and skill levels.
Because we competed in the lowest skill group, we were both able to medal in our respective groups.

2003 - Singles 40ft/10% - Gold Medal.
2003 - Doubles 40ft/10% - Gold Medal (with Lynn Chamberlin).
2004 - Singles 40ft/10% - Bronze Medal.
2004 - Doubles 40ft/10% - Silver Medal (with Lynn Chamberlin).


2003 - Mixed Doubles, Handicapped 55-60 - Gold Medal.
2004 - Mixed Doubles, Handicapped 55-60 - Silver Medal.
2018 - Doubles, Mixed Doubles, and Team, Handicapped 65-69, and Singles, Handicapped 70s, 500 series pin... qualified for Mixed Doubles Finals but did not place.
2019 - Men's Singles, Handicapped 75-79 - Bronze Medal, 500 series pin. (Missed Silver Medal by one pin)



2002 - Novice 55-60 - Did not place.
2003 - Novice 55-60 - Did not place.
2004 - Novice 55-60 - Did not place.


2002 - Men 55-60 - Did not place.
2003 - Men 55-60 - Did not place.

Competing in Basketball Hot Shot, Huntsman World Senior Games, St. George, Utah, 2003.

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