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For many years, I had fun participating in beach doubles play and in tournaments up and down the west coast.
My "home base" was Santa Monica's Sorrento Beach, but I also played at State, Venice, Laguna's Hidden Cove, Redondo, Manhatten, San Diego and Seaside, Oregon among others.
In beach volleyball, over the years, I competed in "B," "A," "AA," and "Open" levels in both men and mixed doubles.
Although I played with several different partners, my men's tournament partner was usually Mike Henry and my mixed partner was usually my wife, Leslie.
At many of these beach venues, I have had the opportunity of playing with and against some other real volleyball legends such as
Ron VonHagen, Ron Lang, Gene Selznic, and Wilt Chamberlain.

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Serving the ball at a beach tournament, Sorrento Beach, California, 1976.

I played most of my Men's beach tournaments with Mike Henry, shown here spiking the ball, Sorrento Beach, California, 1976.

Mixed Doubles Partners

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My mixed doubles partners...
(1) Kate Driscoll, shown here in 1976, was my trophy-winning indoor doubles partner in 1966.
(2) Rose Rahn, my doubles partner in the Sorrento Beach Open, was, as far as I know, the only woman to ever play in an open men's doubles.
(3) Janie Rexroat was my doubles partner in San Diego when I played against my old Hidden Cove partner, Olympic star Dusty Devorak.
(4) Leslie Schakel/Chamberlin was my mixed doubles partner in the State Beach, California and Seaside, Oregon Coed Opens.

Spiking the ball at a beach birthday party for Rose Rahn, State Beach, Santa Monica, California, 1976.
Wife, Lynn (brown top), watches.

Typical 6 on 6 beach game, Rose's Birthday Party, State Beach, Santa Monica, California, 1976.

Even when the games aren't good, there is always good views at a beach volleyball tournament...


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