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Board surfing was always limited to those days I could borrow someone else's board.
Much more common was body surfing... a sport I still enjoy where ever I find a beach with sufficient waves.
I've body surfed most of the beaches in Southern California and hit other, more worldly, beaches in places like Majorca, Spain and Timmendorpherstrand, Germany."

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My first car, "Plymouth Rock," and surfing with a borrowed board, Malibu, California - 1964
I rescued this 1939 Chevy (right) from the junk yard for $200, primered it, and put "Burbank Beach Patrol" on the door for kicks.
The car barely ran, had to be pushed to start, and had a residential light switch instead of a key for the ignition.
If I remember, it never made it to the beach, but was a lot of fun for a few weeks cruising Bob's Big Boy in Studio City.

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