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Below are examples from a 1998 hour long community public hearing presentation I made on behalf of fellow home owners fighting special interest groups who wanted to take our homes.
The issue was private property rights, and the location and existence, or non-existence, of a section of a country road surveyed in 1890 but never opened... and referred to as "804 South."

At risk was a precedent-setting government decision which would determine whether or not the roadway existed and if we would loose our home sites, some of which, had been in families for many decades.
Arguments were made before Lincoln County, LUBA, the State Legislature, arbitration, and the Oregon State Supreme Court.
Even though all documented evidence presented was on our side, politically biased decisions from LUBA and the Governor caused the case to be dragged out over six years and cost taxpayers millions of dollars.
The City of Yachats government, as well as Lincoln County fought on our side. The State legislature passed a bill in our favor, only to be vetoed by the Governor.
A State Supreme Court decision ultimately ruled in our favor allowing Lincoln County Commissioners to vote to abandon the "paper" road and save our homes.
The story of the fight for our homes reads like a script for a movie with all the elements of heroism, deception and betrayal...

During the process, four elderly property owners died...

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