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In 2005, I had the opportunity to work with Waldport High School students and teachers to help develop business plans for a student-run enterprise
that would provide historically and environmentally oriented kayak tours and rentals on the Alsea Bay and river estuary.
This project was based on concepts outlined in "Expeditionary Learning."
The project has been working successfully for several years now as the "Kayak Shack."

One of the first things the students did was to take a day trip to South Slough near Coos Bay, Oregon, where they learned how the state of Oregon
was running a similar enterprise.
I traveled with the class filming much of the trip. This material, along with more video from 2006-2007 Teacher of the Year, David Wirick,
was put into this PowerPoint presentation I created and was used to explain the enterprise to the local school board, other students, and the community.
The program lasted just over thirty minutes and contained both still and video graphics.

Below are examples from the "Investigating South Slough" presentation...


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