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Travel Fanatics Unlimited is the tongue-in-cheek name I adopted many years ago for friends and family members that love to share travel and travel memories.
As the name implies, the members are fanatical travelers who believe that visiting other places and cultures is one life's greatest adventures.
For many years, this "group" and their experiences were the subject of a travel section in our annual family Christmas Newsletter.
Now, the "brand" has taken on a much expanded meaning... hopefully it represents a source for quality travel photography and commentary...

If you see this logo on one of the travel pages in this section, it indicates that I found that particular location to be something special...
and I recommend it as a five star, "must see" location.

travel fanatics unlimited

This location has earned a five star rating from
Travel Fanatics Unlimited

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Bacharach, Germany  bacharach, germany     barcelona, spain  barcelona, spain     burg eltz, germany  burg eltz, germany     carmel, california  carmel, california    

  chaco canyon, new mexico       civita di barnoregio, italy       embera puru, panama     evoo cooking school  evoo cooking school    

gamble house, pasadena  gamble house, pasadena       gimmelwald, switzerland     Halstadt, Austria  hallstadt, austria     House on the Rock, Wisconsin  house on the rock, wisconsin   

Les Baux de Provence  les baux, france     Li River, China li river, china    Mesa Verde, Colorado  mesa verde, colorado    Narrows, Zion Natl Park  narrows, zion natl park   

Nepenthe, Big Sur  nepenthe, big sur      new guard house, berlin, germany       notre dame du haut, ronchamp, france       oak park, illinois    

rothenburg ob der tauber  rothenburg ob der tauber, germany     salk institute, la jolla, California  salk institute, la jolla, california     San Simeon, Hearst Castle  san simeon, hearst castle     Taliesin, Spring Green, Wisconsin  taliesin - spring green, Wisconsin   

  tsukiji fish market, tokyo,japan       wieskirche, wies, germany    

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