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ARCHITECT: PAUL WALLOT (1884) (Renovation and Dome): NORMAN FOSTER (1999)

The Reichstag, was constructed to house the Imperial Diet of the German Empire in 1894.
The Reichstag was burned in 1933 and was in bad repair during the postwar occupation of Berlin.
The new dome on top of the old Reichstag was just being completed when I visited in 1999.
It is visually and spatially exciting space and functions both as a transom bringing light down into the assembly area.
There is a large observation deck around it from which to view the city.
The new dome seems totally out of context with old Reichstag... sort of like the glass pyramid at the Louvre in Paris.
However, in this case, it could be argued that the dome serves it's purpose by showing the break between Hitler's old Berlin and a new beginning for Germany.


TRAVEL: 1999, 2009

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Exterior, Reichstag, Berlin, Germany, 2009.

Some of the first visitors line up for a tour of the new dome (peaking over roof), Reichstag, Berlin, Germany, 1999.

New stone walkway being installed along the front exterior, Reichstag, Berlin, Germany, 1999.

Detail of the front, Reichstag, Berlin, Germany, 1999.

Dome as seen from atop the Reichstag, Berlin, Germany, 1999.
(photo by Wyatt Chamberlin)

Mirrored surfaces reflect light down into interior and a ramp descends around it, Reichstag, Berlin, Germany, 1999.

Mirrored surfaces, Reichstag, Berlin, Germany, 1999.

Observation level at the top of the dome, Reichstag, Berlin, Germany, 1999.

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