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Today's visitors to the Kremlin see no evidence of it's dark and mysterious history.
Many of the buildings inside have been restored to bright and shiny elegance... golden domes shining in the sun.
One might think everything was well with the world...


TRAVEL: August 2009 -

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(Left to Right)Inside the Troitskaya Tower gate next to the Arsenal, the wall, and the Borovitskaja tower gate, Moscow, Russia, 2009.

(Left) Sobornaya Square, or Cathedral Square with the Archangel Cathedral (1505-1508) by Italian architect Aleviz Fryazin Noviy on the left with the Cathedral of the Annunciation to it's right, 2009.
(Right) Ivan the Great Bell Tower by architect Marco Bono... for 400 years the tallest (81 meters) structure in Russia, 2009.

(Left) Detail of the Cathedral of the Annunciation (1484-1489) by the architects from Pskov, Kremlin, Moscow, Russia, 2009.
(Right) Cathedral of the Assumption, the oldest church in Russia, 2009.

Church of the 12 Apostles (1475-1479) by Italian architect Aristolele Fioravanti.

Church of the Deposition of the Robe (1484-1486), Kremlin, Moscow, Russia, 2009.

The Grand Kremlin Palace, built between 1837 and 1849 under architect Konstantin Thon, 2009.

Detail of the onion domes known as the "11 Golden Domes of the Upper Savior's Cathedral, 1560, in a portion of the Grand Palace, 2009.

(Left) The 216 ton Tzar Bell commissioned by Empress Anna, niece of Peter the Great, from bronze master Ivan Motorin in 1733, which broke in the mold.
(Right) The huge bore Tzar Cannon (no, the black one on the left), Kremlin, Moscow, Russia, 2009.

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