architecture hands-on construction project list
1971 - present


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turnstone cove l - 1971

I designed this vacation/retirement home for my parents as a senior project
while at Cal Poly and, with my father, built most of it the following summer.
I added onto it in 1983 and remodeled it again in 2000.

Work experience:
framing, siding, roofing, electrical, insulation, doors, windows,
painting and all finish work.

sun hollow house - 1976-77

This 3200 sq. ft. house was a challenge that Chamberlin says almost killed him with
sixteen-hour work days. Half way through construction, his wife, then his girl friend,
told him he'd have to marry her if he wanted her to help finish it.
They were married in the half-finished house.
They were still working on it when their first son was born two years later.

Work experience:
surveying, heavy equipment excavation, framing, siding,
roofing, electrical, drywalling, hardwood flooring, quarry tile flooring, cabinet
installation, doors, windows, finish carpentry, painting and all finish work.

sea shadows - 1985

This was a sixty-year-old vacation cottage which Chamberlin redesigned
for use as an office and future rental, stripped down to bare bones,
and rebuilt for a new life.

Work experience:
demolition, framing, electrical, insulation, windows, doors, cabinet
installation, counter tops, painting and all finish work.

smith residence - 1987

This is a house Chamberlin designed for one of his clients.
The contractor needed extra help and hired him as a carpentry
sub to help with some of the rough framing.

Work experience:

driftwood house - 1991-94

Chamberlin designed this house for his mother.
Shortly after construction began, she passed away. It took nearly four years
of intermittent work to finish.

Work experience:
framing, siding, electrical, ceramic tile installation, landscaping, windows,
doors, painting and all finish work.

turnstone cove II - 1999-present

Chamberlin is currently working on a major remodel for this oceanfront home
he originally built in 1971.

Work experience:
framing, siding, electrical, plumbing, drywall, windows, doors, decking,
tile flooring, hardwood flooring, painting, finish cabinet installation,
trim, stone masonry, and landscaping.

When he is working on these construction projects, he usually engages the whole family
on weekends and holidays.

As you can see from this picture of his son, Wyatt, shortly after birth in 1979,
he tried to get an early start with his boys.

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